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[ 18-11-2021 ]

Types of Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Various Types of Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Live casinos are integrated with gambling sites. Modern online casinos offer live dealer games, and you can enjoy wherever you are. Most live casino bonuses are offered to new casino players. Just like standard sign up bonuses, these are credited to you based on your deposit up to a certain amount.

Here look at various types of live casino bonuses and promotions.

What are live casino bonuses and promotions? 

In live casino promotions, the amount can vary from casino to casino. In most cases, it will double your bankroll up to $100, but you can get more as well. Live casino bonuses give a boost to your bankroll so that you can play your favorite game longer. It could be a welcome offer or any other type of bonus tailored for the game and or casino.

Also, online casino promotions could be cash back bonuses, high roller bonuses, reload bonuses or other special live casino bonuses.

Types of Live Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Free spins, no deposit and online casino promotions are offered as incentives to attract more players to a casino. This type of live casino bonuses are part of the welcome package at the casino.

Online casino promotions are a great opportunity for the player to see if he likes playing there.  Players are not required to make a deposit to play free spins. Free spin and no deposit bonus give you an opportunity to win without risking your money.

Let’s look at other live casino bonuses and promotions besides no deposit free spins:

Referral Bonuses

With this kind of bonus, you are required to introduce a new player to the casino and win a bonus. Termed as a friend bonus, this is a common type of bonus, though some casinos don’t offer this type of bonus and are often deemed as online casino promotions.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

There are players who love the thrill of a high stakes game. Casinos prefer that and offer high roller bonuses for players who make huge deposits. Besides, offering them online casino promotions.

Payment Method bonus

There are various methods of depositing money.  Players can use any of the payment methods, but casinos usually have the preferred method of payment. And that’s convenient to them. Players who choose the casino's preferred payment method are given bonuses along with online casino promotions.

Reload Bonus

Reload live casino bonuses are awarded for subsequent deposits after the initial deposit. Sometimes referred to as monthly bonuses, reload bonuses are marked via email. The more bonuses and other promotional features a casino offers the higher number of players it attracts. It’s beneficial for both the casino and the players. Players get more money to play and casinos benefit from a large number of players.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully before making a deposit on an online betting website Singapore.

How do you get online casino promotions?

There is a normal belief that only new players get live casino promotions. So, whenever there is a new player, the player gets the welcome bonus. But in addition to this, there are referral bonuses, payment method bonuses and bonus on first deposits and more subsequent deposits.

Different players search for different things before signing up to a casino, but these gamblers have one thing in common and that is receiving free cash on top of their real money deposit. The more cash you have the more chances of their real money prizes.  Different casinos have different rules so read the terms and conditions carefully before investing in an online betting website Singapore.