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[ 16-07-2021 ]

Esports Betting in 2021

Esports became a major revenue source in 2020. 

The new form of sportsbet acquired a ton of footing throughout the recent few years. The approximate value of the industry is  almost $30 billion as of writing. That is a huge emerging figure. 

A big factor that plays in its success is the fanbase. They are similar to avid fans of sporting games like soccer, football and tennis. You can compare the Mobile Legends tournament to the hype of Wimbledon.

Since it's at its early stages with no end in sight, wouldn’t you want to try it out 

The Boom of Video Games

Esports refer to competitive video gaming. So, we’re basically talking about people playing video games against each other in a competition. This is nothing new in itself of course, as it’s been happening in people’s homes ever since the first home computers and gaming consoles came out.

But in an esports tournament, everything is more organized and professional. Only the top players can qualify to play in these rounds.

These tournaments have both live audiences everywhere thanks to online streaming. They are also watched by millions more fans worldwide via online streaming services such as YouTube and Even the big TV networks have got in on the act, with broadcasters including ESPN showing esports contests on their channels.

What Games are Played in Esports Tournaments?

There are various games you can bet on, both single and multiplayer video games.

Here are the top esporting games currently available for your betting pool

Before you Place your Esports Bet

Don’t just go willy-nilly betting on who the best player of the game is.

Just like in sports, fans have to understand the mechanics and rules before deciding who to bet on. Be strategic to avoid losing your bet. It’s not necessary to be a genuine expert, but you certainly need to understand how the games are played and some of the strategies involved.

As contact sporting events are just starting to ease restrictions like Euro 2020 last month, you can find sports thrill in esports betting for the meantime.